Tenacious Digital

Blockchain Development

We have experience in Ripple and Ethereum development, and understand intimately the value that blockchain provides and can clear up a lot of the misconceptions for its uses. We are able to provide consulting that positions our customers businesses within the blockchain ecosystem and build out decentralised integrations where they are necessary.

Internet of Things

We are involved in open-source IoT and realtime data projects, and have a lot of experience in pushing the performance envelope on smaller devices, and building data pipelines that take your device data and push it into the cloud for warehousing and analytics.

Mobile app development

Connect your digital apps together with custom built utility tools or existing software. We’ll diagnose your needs, help you choose the best technology stack and architect a comprehensive solution to meet your business requirements.

Devops, Serverless and Managed Services

We architect our solutions to use Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment, and have experience creating serverless back-end solutions leveraging the convenience and stability of the Amazon managed stack.

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Simon is a polyglot with 20 years experience in solutions development, he is a jack of all trades and has enjoyed working in digital marketing, blockchain, and IoT

Simon Bishop


Although he started off as a biologist, Grant has over 20 years experience in solutions architecture, he is an expert in the Amazon stack and has a diverse range of interests in things such as agile methodologies, agriculture automation and sovereign identity via the blockchain.

Grant Pidwell

Director & Senior Architect

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- People and relationships are the most valuable assets we have.

- We seek the balance between design flair and discipline in our approach.

- We love what we do, and place great emphasis on the importance of “the work”.

Upliftment Program:

In our view, social responsibility is not just a job for large corporations: South Africa’s incredible potential lies in her youth, diversity and design flair, which we bring into our work; because we understand that our business physically exists in this greater context, we are undertaking a program of upliftment by employing junior staff from previously disadvantaged backgrounds. We then train them up to senior levels by guiding them through selected study material and using practical measures such as pair-programming to fast-track their development.

Our set oftechnologies

Trustlab, 2nd floor, Castle Mews, 16a Newmarket street, Cape Town